It was in 1982, on returning from a trip to Bordeaux, that Dominique COCOZZA had the idea of a wine clearance sale. The wine industry was in a state of crisis and there were large stocks. Dominique and Cosimo COCOZZA very soon became known by both wine merchants and producers, initially in the region of Bordeaux and then throughout the wine regions of France.
The company grew rapidly at national level. Franck PHILIPPE joined the team in 1998 with the task of implanting our concept throughout the country. After having gained experience in the United States, the next generation – Maxence COCOZZA – joined the company in 2008, firmly set on capturing the export market. Today, we sell around the world to a clientele that is looking for real bargain opportunities.
We are located in northern France, in Tourcoing in Greater Lille. Lille’s central location, within Europe and globally (port of Antwerp 180km away and Lille-Paris 1 hour by TGV high speed train) is a major advantage.

Our sales, administrative and logistics team, consisting of 15 people, is always available to give the best service in the shortest possible time.